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Kit Bag Challenge winners announced! Did you win a Jack Wolfskin bag?

By Vicky Anscombe

We received so many amazing entries during our Kit Bag Challenge competition - and the time's come to announce who the three lucky winners are.

We sat down with The Arctic V and discussed our favourites; which ones were the funniest? Who was packing the bare essentials, and living in the now?

Thank you to everyone who entered; as you can see, the standard was very high and we had a tough time narrowing down the three which impressed us the most.

Congratulations to Marke, Phillip and Nessy - you've each won a Jack Wolfskin goody bag.

Here's why we liked their pictures...

Winner 1: Marke (via Twitter)

Kitbag Winner 1

Marke's probably not going to win any mountaineering prizes, but he certainly won our hearts with this cheery picture. We love his idea of a well-packed bag; a pair of Muppets. Of course. It seems so logical now.

Winner 2: Phillip (via Twitter)

Kitbag Winner 2

You know all the things that you keep meaning to do, but your laziness and procrastination keeps letting you down? Well, Phillip's been there, and done that. He did it while you were in bed yesterday morning. He's super-organised and knows what the great outdoors has in store; much like The Arctic V, he's fully living in the moment and taking life by the, er, hand.

Winner 3: Nessy (via Instagram)

Kitbag Winner 3

When we saw Nessy's entry, we were delighted and enthralled by her way of life. Not for her Phillip's careful and thorough approach to daily essentials - no, Nessy's got it down to three items. Her camera, a Mars bar, and a torch. She's pretty much ready for anything, and she knows it. That's confidence, right there. We're impressed.

Well done to all our winners.
We hope you enjoy your Jack Wolfskin kit bags.


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