By Dale Western on 14 October 2014


Congratulations to Kevin Sutch, who won the iPhone6 - you can see his winning entry here.

It's competition time here at Columbus Direct - so if you're not quite over #MyDogSelfie yet, read on...

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue - and he discovered America in the process. It was definitely a happy accident, as he was looking for the East Indies. Still, these unforeseen discoveries are often the best part of the trip...

As we all know, getting off the beaten track is a wonderful thing, and we want to hear all about your accidental discoveries – the best entry will win an iPhone 6.

As long as you ‘discovered’ it, it’s a legit entry, so it could be anything. A beach in the UK that's secluded all year round, a cocktail bar in Shanghai where the service is second to none or a restaurant in Paris where the best escargot in the city can be found; all suggestions are welcome.

You can post your entry to our Facebook page here, or tweet us using the hashtag #WeLiveNow. You can even email us to tell us about your accidental discovery – we’re not fussy!

We've had close to 100 entries so far, with plenty of people choosing to enter on our Facebook page as they can post pictures easily to our wall.

We’d also love to see some pictures if you have them – they may increase your chances of winning...

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