By Daniel Mackrell on 04 October 2019

Autumn isn’t always the most popular time of year for travellers, despite there being plenty of beautiful locations and fun activities to experience.

The period between September and November can also be a cheaper time for people to go on holiday, and there are still plenty of warm areas that you can fly to if you’re looking to get a tan ahead of the winter months.

Southern parts of Europe in particular are a good option when you are looking for a warm spot to jet off to, as they will often have blue skies and the perfect beach weather ahead of the winter period.


A street in Spain during Autumn

The southern parts of Spain often enjoy warm weather during this time of year, with locations like Cordoba, Ronda, Granada and Seville all providing the chance to enjoy some sun.

The humidity of the summer months is usually gone, while temperatures during the day can range between 15 and 25 degrees, which makes it possible to enjoy the cities and scenery in a more comfortable setting.

Granada can be perfect for an Autumn break, as you can enjoy visiting markets and tapas bars, and walk along one of the city’s many beaches. Alhambra is also a great spot to visit, and there are tours that you can book to get guided around the fortress.

It is also mushroom hunting season in the country, and travellers can enjoy the unique experience of going hunting for fungi, while workshops also give advice on how to cook them and how to use them for different dishes. Mushroom tour guides can often be booked to help you find the right mushrooms while they can also tell you about their taste and history, and some towns hold their own events to pick and taste the different fungi.


Person in blue shirt holding a batch of grapes in their hands

Weather in Italy can start to drop in October and November, but it is still usually around 20 degrees in most areas, particularly in southern parts of the country.

Travellers at this time of year can also enjoy cheaper prices and the comfort of having fewer tourists around, making it a more relaxing vacation.

The Autumn months are also when vendemmia takes place, which is the annual grape harvest in Italy. It provides an opportunity for holidaymakers to get involved in the process of collecting the grapes. There are many wineries across the country that offer the chance to visit the vineyards and taste the wine that is made there.

If you want the complete opposite of a sunny holiday, Italy also has ski resorts that offer the chance to ski earlier than the normal skiing season, including at Val Senales and Cervninia.


The sea crashing onto the beach in Cyprus

Travellers heading to Cyprus in Autumn will be surprised by how warm the island can be, as it often enjoys temperatures as high as 25 degrees in October and November.

The slightly cooler temperatures can make it an ideal time for travellers who are looking to go on hikes or enjoy the sandy beaches without large crowds of people.

Excursions to more remote villages and vineyards on the island are also popular at this time of year, giving a unique perspective of the locals as they go through their day-to-day lives.

The country harvests many of its fruit and vegetables during the Autumn months as well, which means that you can try their fresh grapes, apples and pears. Paphos also has its own bananas and oranges, that are known to be full of flavour. There is also a wine festival in Limassol, while other events and celebrations are held in villages across the country.


A man putting bait on his fishing rod hook in Turkey

Autumn is a primary time to visit Turkey, particularly if you want to visit Istanbul or other parts of the country that are away from the coastline, as you can avoid the strong winds.

The country enjoys milder weather and the season provides a good opportunity to visit historical locations and popular tourist spots without it being too busy. Accommodation is often cheaper as well, while it also becomes easier to meet with locals and experience the country’s culture.

This time of year is also when fishing season starts again after coming to an end in April. Saltwater fish become a focus for local fishermen and holidaymakers can use their trip to sit alongside them and learn their skills. Marmaris in particularly is a popular location for travellers looking to get out their fishing rod and head to sea.

The Belgrade forest is also stunning during the Autumn period with leaves scattered across the paths, providing an enjoyable route for joggers and cyclist. While fitness fans can also take part in the Istanbul Marathon, which is the only marathon in the world that takes place across two different continents – Asia and Europe.


Seine and Eiffel Tower in Paris, France during Autumn

The temperatures in France can vary greatly depending on where you are travelling to, with southern France staying warmer for longer, while places like Paris can be a bit cooler. All parts of France can experience rainfall during the Autumn months, similarly to the UK.

The first half of Autumn sees many wine harvests take place across the country, including Fete des Vendanges and Feria des Vendanges. Then on the third Thursday of November it is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, which sees the first wine of the harvest released to the public after being fermented for eight weeks. The festival also includes fireworks and music, making it a big celebration for locals, and a unique experience for travellers.

Holidaymakers can also enjoy Paris Fashion Week, and similarly to Spain it is a great time to forage for mushrooms, as well as chestnuts.

Attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral are all quieter during the Autumn months, meaning smaller queues when visiting the famous tourist spots.

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