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Tracking The Arctic V: We go behind the scenes with YB Tracking

By Vicky Anscombe

Keeping up with the team when they’re racing around Greenland will be tough - but that’s where YB Tracking comes in.

During the three-day Arctic Circle Race, The Arctic V will be carrying a very special piece of kit that’ll transmit their location every 15 minutes - so you can always keep on top of their progress (just scroll down to see the map). They’ll be carrying a YB3; a yellow and black device that looks a lot like an old-school mobile phone. This very clever tracker will get their GPS position, relay the signal over satellite and add their position to our user-friendly map.

Here are some facts and figures about YB tracking and their adventure-friendly kit:

"It’s very exciting. When the team approached us and said they needed a tracking device, I knew we had exactly what they needed. It’s really easy to follow their progress on the user-friendly map and we’re looking forward to reading their updates! We wish them all the luck in the world and hope that they enjoy their time in Greenland."

Drew Jackson, Manager at YB Tracking


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