By Vicky Anscombe on 14 January 2016

As well as being our brand ambassador, Chemmy Alcott’s got several other sponsors. She’s been working with the outdoor equipment provider Jack Wolfskin for several seasons now - this will be her third - and it’s no surprise that her devotion to the brand has grown over the years they’ve collaborated.

Jack Wolfskin supplied all of her kit when Chemmy and The Arctic V took on the Arctic Circle Race earlier on this year, and she continues to wear their products on and off the slopes.

“For me, Jack Wolfskin is an outdoorsy brand,” she explains. “I’m very much an outdoors person; after I retired, I cancelled my gym membership, as I prefer to work out outside. There’s always something you can do if you use your imagination; run up stairs, jog in the woods, take your kettlebells out with you and use them in the park. You don’t have to limit yourself to the same old routines you’d use in the gym.”

Chemmy lives in London, but she’s always on the hunt for fun, exciting things to do outdoors to maintain her fitness levels - and Jack Wolfskin kit is a huge part of the experience for her.

“I love the bright colours they use, and I love the technical aspects of the kit,” she explains. “The ego part of me wants to look good, but I also need to know that the kit I’m using is up to the job.

Here are Chemmy’s top five pieces of Jack Wolfskin kit - and why she rates them so highly.

Chemmy 2

Whiteline Texapore 3-in-1 Jacket

“A good jacket is essential – you’re looking for something which will keep you warm without causing overheating, and not hinder your movements. I’m a big fan of the moisture-resistant synthetic insulation – I’m always cosy without being uncomfortable. There are also reflectors – excellent for safety on the slopes – and lots of small pockets for my ski pass, snacks, and phone.”

Ionic Pants

“You’ll be working your legs hard during your skiing holiday, so you want ski pants which will keep you comfortable and prevent you getting too warm. These waterproof trousers also provide adequate protection from the wind and their high level of breathability means I never feel ‘smothered’ by my kit. They’re also made with tear and abrasion-resistant material; perfect if you’re a bit clumsy!”

Chemmy skiing

Merino Long-Sleeved Shirt

“Wearing merino wool as a base layer is such a good idea because it wicks moisture away from the body, it dries really quickly, and you can wear it day after day without washing it. My Jack Wolfskin tops are really warm and comfortable – I forget I’m wearing them half the time, and they provide excellent insulation against the cold.”

Chemmy with model

Kaleidoscope Cap

“This season, I’m all about bobbles – and this hat ticks all my boxes. It’s lovely and colourful too, which appeals, as I love to wear bright colours when I’m skiing – the more outrageous the colour, the better. This hat’s got a thermal lining, which I appreciate when the wind picks up. I also love this pom-pom hat – it looks really cute, and ensures I stand out on the slopes.”

Thermo Bottle

This handy little flask is so great for when you’ve been working hard on the mountains and you need to take five minutes to rehydrate and rest. I always fill mine with coffee, as skiing’s the kind of sport that dictates early morning starts, but hot water and lemon would be just as refreshing. Staying hydrated’s really important, so this is an essential part of my kit.”

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